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Samson Region

The second largest wine region in Israel, the Samson, or Shimshon, wine region extends across the central coastal plan down the Judean Lowlands’ rolling hills. With a Mediterranean climate of humid, hot summers and mild winters, and vineyards tilled in limestone, loam, and clay soils, the region is quite hospitable to a variety of grapes.

Israel’s second largest winery is found in the region. Barkan Winery, along with its sister winery, Segal, produces about 10 million bottles each year. For decades the winery produced largely “supermarket” wines, but in recent years it has produced several high quality wines, including those in its Reserve series. Try the Barkan Superior Pinotage 2007, a full-bodied hybrid of pinot noir and cinsault. The Samson region includes Israel’s arts and cultural center, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, so after a day of wine tasting, tourists can enjoy the area’s brisk nightlife and fine restaurants.

Whether you tour all or just a few of Israel’s wine regions, you will appreciate the opportunity to taste premium wines while enjoying the rich historical and scenic areas which abound in each region. For further information on arranging a wine tour of Israel, please contact us.e.

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