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Must See Museums in Copenhagen

Whatever is of most interest to you there is certainly a museum in Copenhagen that you will want to visit. When deciding how to spend leisure time within this city, you will have to plan carefully as it is not possible to see everything in just a day or two.

Below is a brief overview of a few of the most popular museums in Copenhagen.

The Danish Museum of Art and Design

With a large collection of permanent exhibits as well as rotating special exhibits, visitors to this museum are sure to find something of interest. Permanent collections include textiles, posters, drawings and publications.

Examples of past rotating exhibits include Fair Trade Jewellers — The Green Gold and The Poetry of Shape — Japanese Laquerware by Nagatoshi Onishi.

Zoological Museum

Another of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen is the Zoological Museum.  The collections include more than ten million specimens of both plants and animals.  There are exhibits that walk the visitor through the ice age and a new exhibit that just opened in early 2009 about evolution.

The evolution exhibit was intended, in part, as way to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. Visitors will be able to compare evolution as it was thought of in the past compared to how it is thought of today.

This is a fun stop and a lighthearted choice for how to spend a day of leisure in Copenhagen.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery, which offers free admission, is home to over 700 years worth of art and culture. There are collections of Dutch painters, such as Matisse and Munch, as well as those featuring masters such as Rembrandt.

For those with even a slight interest in art, this is a must see museum.

Museum of Musical Instruments

Visitors come from around the world to visit this museum, which is housed in three buildings from the 1700’s. There are traditional and historical instruments on display from Europe, Africa and Asia. At various times throughout the year, musical concerts are held, sometimes featuring little heard historical instruments.

This is a must for any music lover.

The National Museum

This museum walks visitors through various stages of history in Denmark including the Iron Age and the Middle Ages.  There are also exhibits about prehistoric times as well. There are many artifacts on display and exhibits are set up in such a way as to allow some hands on interaction.

There is a section of the museum that is geared toward children, but most of the museum is appropriate for visitors of any age.

This museum is perfect for those with an interest in history.

One thing is certain: Visitors with a leisure day in Copenhagen will not be short of things to do. The only dilemma may be deciding which of the many attractions is most interesting to you.

Whether an art lover, a history buff or someone with a bent towards things scientific, there is a Copenhagen museum that you will not want to miss.

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