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Media Bias Against Israel-Why Are We Losing the Battle & What Can We Do About It?

Color me silly, but I thought that newspapers and other media where supposed to be unbiased.  So, why does it seem like all sorts of media outlets tend to have anti-Israeli slants?  Is it me?  Am I the only one who noticed?  The answer is I don’t think so.

Why are we losing this battle against media titans?  Is it because they’re titans?  But, the better (and more important) question is, what can we do about it?

First, I’d suggest reaching into your purse strings.  You control what you spend your hard earned money on; so cancel your cable or satellite subscriptions to stations that lean towards anti-Israel sentiments; and more specifically, tell them why.

If enough of us cancel, it hurts them where it really counts–in their pocketbook.  It’s hard to be a media giant when you’re broke, right?

It’s like controlling the remote for your kids.  Don’t like what’s on the TV, change the channel.  It’s time to take back our airwaves.

Secondly, hold our newscasters, journalists, writers, politicians, and such accountable for what they say.  Call things what they truly are, enough with political correctness.  For instance, the use of the term “suicide bomber” must go. The media perpetuates this term, desensitizing us to what it truly is–a “homicide bomber”.

No, I would never advocate anyone killing themselves; but, in this instance they aren’t out to kill just themselves–they’re taking as many innocent lives with them as possible.  It doesn’t sound like suicide to me, sounds like murder.

Is it wrong to ask our newscasters and reporters to use proper terminology?  I don’t think so.  Yet, another reason to call your news stations or your television service providers.

Reading EMUNAH Magazine (Spring/Summer 2011), Amiel Ungar suggests that writers and researchers must “defend Israel in the media & write books and articles that people will refer to”.  Doesn’t this tell us that pro-Israel types need to tell their story?  How else will we compete with Al-Jazeera, China’s People Daily, Britain’s The Guardian, amongst others?

You can also consider the Buy Israel Campaign, designed to give your support to Israel.  When you buy Israeli goods, you’re strengthening the ties that bind you to the homeland.  Their website (www.BuyIsraelGoods.org) tells you where you can buy from Israeli-owned or Israel supporting business owners.

If everyone takes baby-steps or giant leaps by holding those accountable, we might not have to worry about losing the battle against media bias–we’ll win the war.

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