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Galil Region

The Galil wine region covers the northern part of Israel, extending south from the Lebanese border. Its cool climate and higher altitudes produce premium grapes.

With its rich volcanic and basalt rock soil and cool breezes, the Golan Heights area of the Galil wine region has been found to be a perfect location for grape growing. Several prestigious wineries are located here, including the Golan Heights Winery in Kazrin. This winery’s Yarden label has won numerous prizes. The first vintage was 1983, after kibbutzim and moshavim winemakers joined forces in Israel’s second wine revolution. Today, approximately 6 million bottles of wine are produced in the Golan Heights Winery.

In the Upper Galilee area, the Dalton Winery makes for a worthwhile tour stop. Founded in 1993, this kosher winery was founded by a family who emigrated from the United Kingdom. Today, the winery produces about one million bottles per year. Dalton has invested heavily in hi-tech equipment and innovations. Its personalized tours are outstanding, and Dalton is now building a hotel adjacent to the winery to serve the many tourists flocking to the area.

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